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I have noticed since long time a go that Indonesian has a lot of limitation to visit countries. Even Malaysian, who is our closest neighbor who speak almost the same language like as us (Indonesian), get more privileges to visit countries without visa.

Despite the fact that I am envy and regret why my government so shitty and can’t manage good relationship with other countries as Malaysian does, I still prefer to see the positive side. At least we still have more than 60 countries that we can visit without visa, visa on arrival and online visa.

So this is all about it, I will tell you what I will find in those countries, how to get there and other necessary stuff.

Hope it will be useful.

Indonesian Passport Journey – Georgia

I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT… We arrived in Tbilisi around 00.20 at local time. It was 1 hour a head from Doha. The immigration counters are very easy to be found. If you have online visa, they will only … Continue reading

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Let’s Make The Journey Begin!!

This is my first article under the new category that I have just made today. Under this category I will write about my journey to countries that give accessibility to the owner of Indonesia Passport to visit. I have sorted … Continue reading

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