Don’t Listen to Them When They Say, “It’s Just Too Fool to Believe You Can Change the World”

When I was Senior High School student I built an organization with a big dream to change the world. With dream to make people educated and feeling fun by being educated. It was really good time. We were inspiring people, done some free workshop, visited  schools, done some events, built library, done some drama shows, etc. It was just so nice to inspire people. We were called as Paguyuban Anak Jakarta Membaca, it’s built in Jakarta on October 4th, 2006.

But, by the time goes by, this organization is disappearing. The members are being busy with their life after high school, included me. I was busy too, I was working in Papua, tried to build my carrier, but I’ve never forgotten my passion, I will never forget it. I keep a mind to wake this organization up. I was trying to gather the members again, raised the passion what we used to have when we were still in school. And they were agreed for some times, but  then disappeared again. I kept trying, not only once but several times, shared them ideas, tried to make them to have the same faith with me. Then the spirit came back, but it disappeared again. Until, I felt too tired, got no more spirit in my self and I choose to be silent too.

It might be stereotype, but I was really awaken after I hear Carrie Underwood’s song – CHANGE. People maybe say that it’s too fool to believe that I can change the world. But at least we tried, right? I might can’t force my team to have the spirit as mine, but why should I kill my spirit too? It isn’t necessary, is it? Why don’t I believe in my self in the small things I can do? Smallest things can make all the differences right? I can write what I found and share it in my blog. It can inspire people too.

In one period, I used to stay in the slums. My house was beside of the river in Jakarta – Palmerah river. Rivers in Jakarta have black color, and I am sure you know what is the cause of it. It is a common view to see people throw their garbage to the river. One day I spoke with my neighbor and tell her to wait the special person who dedicated by government to pick up the garbage. Simply she refused by saying  it’s easier to throw it to the river. I was angry, but I can do nothing.

Another time, I got the shot to visit Raja Ampat. In order to control my budget, I went to Sorong from Babo (the island across to the site I used to work in) by big ship. It took 24 – 28 hours to arrive in Sorong. Then from Sorong, I got to get the another ship to get Raja Ampat. During the journey on the ship, I saw the same view. People threw their garbage not into the trash bin, but to the sea. I tried to show the sample to them, I took all the garbage and put them in trash bin, by wishing they will see and follow. But it was failed, they didn’t care.

The other opportunity, I went to Nipah Panjang. I lived on the river, join with local family, did whatever local people do on the river. I was only trying to dig deeper what is their reason to have less care about environment. When I’ve just arrived in the house of Bu Emy, I found difficulty to find a trash bin, therefore I asked a daughter of her where to throw the garbage. She told me to just throw it under the house, later river water will make them disappear. I was shocked by hers answer. Then I called some kids to share to them how danger is throwing garbage to the river. They were welcome and amazed with what I told, they didn’t know the impact of throwing the garbage to the river is that big. When they knew, they made a promise to inspire other people too. Their response made me arrived into one conclusion – people just need to be inspired.

So that is what I am doing now, through my blog. I explore beautiful places.I am trying to open the people eyes, how wonderful is the thing what we have now. I am trying to give an accessibility to explore them too, by giving some references. I am just wishing that people will realize about how big is the harm we will suffer only by stop being care doing a small thing  – such as throw the garbage to the trash bin.



2 Responses to Don’t Listen to Them When They Say, “It’s Just Too Fool to Believe You Can Change the World”

  1. arif kaka says:

    ha…ha….yang lucu adalah yang termuda kok malah jadi IBU…..

  2. Me says:

    Lucky girl! Keep traveling and exploring! 🙂

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