Let’s Make The Journey Begin!!

This is my first article under the new category that I have just made today.

Under this category I will write about my journey to countries that give accessibility to the owner of Indonesia Passport to visit.

I have sorted the list of Countries with visa requirement from this link : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_Indonesian_citizens into the excel format what will give me an accessibility to see the requirement (visa on arrival, online visa, and no visa required) and the Region. Below is last appearance of the list :

Countries that Indonesian Passport Holder can visit with VOA, No Visa and Online Visa

I also make videos for this project. As the total of the countries are 70, so this project will have 70 episodes as well. I am so excited to share it with you guys, I hope it will bring any good for you all. Let’s Make The Journey Begin!!


About kharismagita

The truth is changing by the time we are growing up. What you think was the truth when you were 15 years old, might change when you reached 21 years old. But not everyone is ready for changes you have. Confrontation will be the first reaction. Now, how will you take that confrontation will determine how strong you are and who you really are. When your life is not according to what your parents have planned. When you choose your own way. When you prefer to be honest to your self instead of trying to make your people happy. They will hate you, but you don't hate them back. Don't even try to make them understand, because it will only waste your energy and positivity. Show them you are still the same person. What different now is you are being honest. No more hypocrisy, just you - being true to your self. And remember you are not alone. Because there are myself and all other million people in the world just like you. Being punished for being our self.
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