Visit Tidung Island Again

I was missing sea a lot, but I didn’t have much money in my pocket. It was the end of the month, I had only IDR 200,000. Then suddenly, on Thursday morning, September 26th, 2013,  I got the broadcast message in my BBM what promoted the opened trip to Tidung Island from September 28th – 29th, 2013 with cost IDR 200,000. I read only the price and the destination, but I didn’t read what are included in the price. I was happy but I can’t pay IDR 200,000, because I can’t use my entire money only for traveling package. I was obliged to think about how can I get Muara Angke Harbor, so I had to leave some money in my pocket, at least IDR 50,000. After some negotiation, finally the cost became IDR 100,000 only, consider I have ever helped the same travel agent to get customers, he gave me the uncommon price.

Short story, I leaved my home in Bojong gede at 4am on September 28th, 2013, since everyone were expected to be in the harbor at 6am. I went by train from Bojonggede Station to Jakarta Kota Station, the cost was IDR 5,000. The train came at 4:30am and reached Kota Tua at 5:40am. Train was quiet, it enabled me to continue my sleep. I slept until another passenger woke me up. From Kota Station I continued the trip by ojek (the motorcycle rental included the rider) with cost IDR 25,000.

I arrived at Muara Angke exactly at 6am. The meeting point was the same with the meeting point for Pari Island Trip – Gas Station Muara Angke. I was waiting for 30 minutes until I was surprised by my old friends – Dwi who I didn’t meet for a long time since she got married. She yelled my name when I was about to leave the harbor and get into the wood boat. Unexpectedly, she and hers husband who is also my friend – Mamet, were in the traveling with their family in the same travel agent what I used that time. After short greeting we went to the boat. We were separated in the boat because they prefer to be in lower deck to avoid the sun and my self, due to I love to feel the wind and sun so I went to the top of the boat.

On the boat I met 2 guys who were in event of reunion of the alumni of Senior High School 64. It leads us to a nice conversation, and off course mostly I was the person who talked a lot. Hehehe. After some time, we all overslept like as other people. The sun was still not too hot, hence it is comfortable, even better – it gave me a warm feeling.



People on the Boat

People on the Boat

Boni (from SMA 64)& Galih (still 3rd Grade of Junior High School)

Red Shirt : Boni (from SMA 64)& Green Shirt : Jala (still 3rd Grade of Junior High School)

Short story I arrived in Tidung Island. I guess I was the last person who got off the boat. I couldn’t stand to see the garbage what people leaved just like that on the boat. Because there was a big possibility that those garbage will fall to the sea, and that won’t be good. I collected them as many as possible and brought them down until I found a trash bin. After I threw them into the trash bin, I was called by the other guide, his name is Rony. I met 2 girls who were my roommate during the trip. They were sisters – Elena and Susan. After short greeting we continued to go to our homestay.

On the way to our homestay, I discovered that the package was not included snorkeling or the boat to go to the snorkeling spot, it was only for homestay, 3 times food (lunch, dinner, breakfast) and barbecue. I was directly feeling down, because the biggest reason I want to go to the Island was to go snorkeling and free diving. But my mind think fast. I approached Mamet and Dwi to let me join their boat, because I heard that he took the complete package. They welcomed me so gladly as long as I told them how to go snorkeling.

Me and the girls (my roommate) finally decided to rent a bicycle to enable us go around the island (cost of renting bike per day was IDR 20,000). So far I spent IDR 55,000 out of the travel agent package.

We arrived at our home stay at 11am. When we reached homestay, we were welcome with a very nice homemade dishes with coconut water. Nice.. After some talks and ate our lunch, we went to the beach, took some pictures and leaved the beach at 12:30 to continue others activity which were snorkeling and banana boat. On the boat I was bit surprised, because the snorkeling tools what the travel agent provide was exclude the fin. It was not a big problem for me, since I brought my own snorkeling tools from home, but it will be difficult for the beginner. Well, I guess..

Susan, Lena, Gita - Roomates

Susan, Lena, Gita – Roomates

With Dwi

With Dwi

With Dwi's Niece - Fenny

With Dwi’s Niece – Fenny

It was a very first experience for Mamet and family to go snorkeling, hence it was not so optimal exploring for them. I was also not really optimal exploring due to I was bit busy motivating them to jump into the sea. Finally I brought Dwi on my arm to let her saw a little bit more the beauty of sea creatures. And she told me that she was excited. For me, that snorkeling experience was enough satisfying. Because honestly I didn’t expect I will see something beside some small fishes and broken corals. But I was bit surprised when I found 2 pipe fishes, puffer fish, some nice hard and little soft corals, bat fishes, clown fish and some other fishes what I can’t describe.

On the boat, ready for snorkeling

On the boat, ready for snorkeling




After snorkeling, we went banana boating. According to request of Dwi’s family, the speed boat rider didn’t do the thing what supposed to happen while banana boating – drive us to fall. We did a “super safety” banana boat. Hehehe.. But it was alright, I didn’t expect I would enjoy banana boat though. It was a big bonus for me. Hehehe.

Banana Boating was the last activity what involve sea and boat that day ^_^. We went back home around 4pm. LOL, so short? Yah… It is!! I was about to complaint but what to do, hehehe I got those activities for free though. So it was more than good for me.

At night at 8pm, we had a barbecue in front of our home stay. There were grill sausage and some grill fishes. The sambal was very good. I was always impressed with the food in Pulau Seribu, either in Pari, Pramuka and here – Tidung. After barbecuing, the girls (my roommate) and the families (Dwi, Mamet and family) directly went to the room. I was like,. WHAT? IT IS STILL 9PM. So I decided to do other activities my self.  I went to sleep at midnight.

yummy barbecue

yummy barbecue

Sunset View

In the morning, me, the girls and Ronny woke up early to get the sunrise, around 5:30am. We didn’t wait for the families because the guide of them was different. We went to Jembatan Cinta (Bridge of Love). This bridge is connecting Tidung Island and Tidung Kecil Island. Three of us planned to walk through the bridge together in the beginning, but finally The Girls stopped in the middle and decided to just stay there and wait for me exploring. But at the end, they didn’t even wait for me. They called me and said that they wanted to go back to the homestay earlier. LOL.. It was alright for me. I can explore some other options when I am alone, my thought that morning. And I did.

Shy Sunrise from Tidung Kecil

Shy Sunrise from Tidung Kecil

@jembatan cinta

@jembatan cinta

In Tidung Kecil I got stomachache and wanted to poo :p. I didn’t see any toilet but I don’t want to go back to Tidung  Island. So finally I went to the bungalow on top of the sea. I greeted some woman there and requested a permission to use their toilet. Hehehehe. Problem solved. After release my weight, I made an interesting conversation with the people from Bungalow. It lead me to discover that they were from Indonesia Army who made a gathering event in this island. Hahaha.. Around 1 hour I was with them but and share our phone numbers with 2 of them (Bertha and Ganesh). They requested me to involve them if I want to do a journey again.

I leaved the Tidung Kecil Island around 7:00am and I was intend to go back to my home stay. But on the way I met again the guys I met on the boat (Boni and Jala), this time with more friends of him. This meeting was ended by jumping jumping moments from the bridge. It was so exciting.. I loved it. I met a very interesting new friends during that moment, unfortunately I didn’t save the number of all of them. If you read my article, I want to let you know that it was a very big pleasure to have fun with you guys!!

After Jumping Jumping with Boni and Jala

After Jumping Jumping with Boni and Jala

I didn’t do anything else more excited after that. Only drunk a coconut and prepared my self to go back to Jakarta.

When we reached Muara Angke, me and the girls decided to use taxi and shared the cost to go to the Train Station. I paid like IDR 15,000. And it continued by train : IDR 5,000, and public transport (D05) from Bojonggede to Gang Pesantren ( my home) : IDR 2,500.

Totally my spent was : package : IDR 100,000. Train return : IDR 10,000. D05 return : IDR 5,000. Ojek : IDR 15,000. Taxi : IDR 15,000. Bicycle : IDR 20,000

NICE? Yes it was. But this kind of thing not always happen though.

Alright guys.. That was my another story. See you at my next story.

NB : I am planning to have trip to Kiluan, Lampung November 14th – 17th, 2013 (leaved Jakarta to Lampung at November 14th, 2013 night). I will share the “possible” expense in 3 days. Whoever wants to join please send me email to We can share the budget to make the travel cheap 😉


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The truth is changing by the time we are growing up. What you think was the truth when you were 15 years old, might change when you reached 21 years old. But not everyone is ready for changes you have. Confrontation will be the first reaction. Now, how will you take that confrontation will determine how strong you are and who you really are. When your life is not according to what your parents have planned. When you choose your own way. When you prefer to be honest to your self instead of trying to make your people happy. They will hate you, but you don't hate them back. Don't even try to make them understand, because it will only waste your energy and positivity. Show them you are still the same person. What different now is you are being honest. No more hypocrisy, just you - being true to your self. And remember you are not alone. Because there are myself and all other million people in the world just like you. Being punished for being our self.
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