Indonesian Passport Journey – Georgia


We arrived in Tbilisi around 00.20 at local time. It was 1 hour a head from Doha. The immigration counters are very easy to be found. If you have online visa, they will only ask where you will stay in Georgia. If you have Qatar ID even better, because they barely ask anything. Don’t let their straight, unfriendly face let you down, nothing personal really! After we passed the immigration, we split into two, Alberto arranged the car rental, and I arranged the sim card for my phone in order to get the GPS for our direction to go to places.

I was quite impressed and surprised that it was sooo easy to have the local sim and strong internet here. I gave my phone, gave my passport, waited in front of the counter to do something with my registration and voila! I have my phone ready with internet on! I only paid 10 GEL for it, which is around QR 20 / Rp. 75,000 for 4G internet that valid for a month. So much cheaper than having GPS attached to the car which was $5/day, it means for 2 days it will cost $10.

The car rental is expensive. The car itself was actually cost for $40/day. But at the end we paid $150. Consider there is fee for pick-up & drop-off the car ($50), taxes and insurance. The deposit is $100, but they will return it to you if you don’t do any violation, either to the car or to traffic rules. Well, in this case we were not lucky. They cut $30 from the deposit, because we did traffic violation during our trip from Tbilisi to Uplistsikhe. I took off my seatbelt for literally 1 minute to take glasses and somehow they found out! The police stopped us and put 40 GEL fines to us. This was what doesn’t really make sense. They said, they put another penalty if we do any traffic violation, which was $10. So 40 GEL ($20) + $10 = $30. I found it unfair, but it was written in the terms. I found they are bit sneaky, especially after they tried to blame us that the car is dirty and wanted to charge us another $10 (the car was perfect by the way). The Car Rental gave us the restriction to visit some parts of the country, such as Gergeti Church, Batumi, and other high places.

Now, we talk about the hotel. Google said it took 30 minutes from airport to the hotel. Yes it did! But, you have to be careful and paid fully attention to the road instead of to what Siri says, because she got so confused to read the road in Tbilisi and to determine which way we should take. Your common sense as a navigator and driver patience is a must! Short story, we arrived in VICTORIA VIP HOTEL.

VICTORIA – Luxury Name

VIP – sounds promising

Pictures on – persuasive

So yeah, we booked that hotel! (Note, it was last minute decision. We booked while we were in the bus going to the aircraft). It turned to be not luxury, promising, and not as per how they introduced themselves. The building doesn’t look like hotel at all, wifi didn’t approach the room, and the room is more like apartment than the hotel room, plus no complimentary water bottle in the room. Then come to the breakfast, first of all, it was not included, so they charged us for 17GEL/person, it is ok but, there was literally nothing they offered, slices of ham, sausage, cucumber and tomato, salad that has no taste, the omelette that doesn’t look like omelette at all. Well, see from the positive side. At least whoever read this article will avoid booking VICTORIA VIP HOTEL.

Victoria VIP Hotel

Victoria VIP Hotel

Georgia is not too big. But it has a lot of things to visit. In order to be able to visit as many as possible, I made the plan before leaving the places. My trick was putting the most attractive place as our furthest point. And we started from Tbilisi – to the furthest point – last expected destination. The first day the plan was not made properly, because we had appointment with our friend in Georgia. They are a hands shadow puppeteer, the very well-known one. Maybe you have heard of them, their theatre name is “Budrugana Gagra”. You can follow them in facebook if you want. Well, I got to warn you that most of writing will be in Georgian.

It is much recommended to visit Salobie Restaurant in Mshketa. The interior design of the place was very attractive. The foods are amazing. The service is great. If you want to have some Chacha and Georgian wine by having a very typical food from Georgia with a great ambience, you got to spend your time here.

Our table in Salobie Restaurant, Mskheta

Our table in Salobie Restaurant, Mskheta

You go to prepare yourself to face Georgian traffic, when you plan to drive around Georgia. One of the craziest that I have ever experienced. Not about the traffic jam, but the system of the road what is crazy. The roundabout was quite tricky. I might not able to explain it properly. But you will see a lot of conjunction of the roads without proper signals. And the way of people driving was crazy.


We slept for around 6 hours after we arrived in the hotel, and started our first day journey. We woke up at 10am and started the day with having breakfast in the hotel. Then we drove to Ananuri Fortress Complex. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes by driving to go to Ananuri. Before we reached the Fortress we were served by a very nice view of the Zhinvali Reservoir. Ananuri was a castle from the 13th Century. It used to be place of lot of battles. It was destroyed by the fire in the 18th century. There are 2 churches between the building. One has the grave of Dukes of Aragvi which is Church of the Virgin (17th Century). And the Church of the Assumption which was built in 1689 is for the son of Duke Bardzem.  We didn’t have to pay the entrance fee to come in. It was quite fun to be inside of the Ananuri Fortress Complex, we climbed from one small room to another small room until we reach the highest part of it.  If you are interested you can take a picture with Georgian costume and War Knight costume for 2 GEL (around QR 4/ Rp. 15,000). As soon as we finished exploring the Ananuri Fortress, the rain fell and everyone hide into their car, including us.

We decided to continue driving toward Tbilisi. But on the way, we randomly chose a place to visit – Bazaleti Lake. This astonishing lake has 1.22km2 surface area and used to be a place of the Battle of Bazaleti in 1626.  The very peaceful golden colour of the lake own a legend saying that there is a golden haired child is laying on the golden crib on the bottom of the lake, and the water in the lake was a tears of his mother. We didn’t find so many people around, which made it even more perfect. We stopped at the place name Laguna Beach Club Bazaleti Lake, we entered without entry fee. There was a swimming pool there too. I can imagine how fun is the place if it is a summer time. We stopped in the restaurant inside the club to have some beers. We paid 7 GEL (QR 14/ Rp. 40,000 )for 650ml Heineken! Cheeeeaaaaaaap!

We got to drive back to Tbilisi at 2pm, because I had some friends who I was really looking forward to see in Ratuveli. We promised to meet them at 03.30pm. We met them in their small studio for practicing their hand shadow puppet show, which was awesome experience too, because I have never seen their studio before. Their studio is located in Ratuveli Theatre Building, beside Tbilisi Marriot Hotel. I was super excited to see them, because I have never seen them for more or less 5 years!

With Budrugana Gaga Actors in their Studio

With Budrugana Gaga Actors in their Studio

We went to Mskheta to have dinner in Salobie Restaurant. We love the restaurant. We were spoiled by amazing Georgian Food, such as khinkali, khachapuri, mstvadi, chvishtari, lovio, and mchadi, . We had also Georgian wine, some lemonade with different flavour and off course chacha! I was quite impressed with the service, it was fast and friendly. After lot of laugh and overfull tummy, we head to Mskheta Church. It was located not far from the restaurant. This church originally built in 4th Century. It used to have a lot of medieval frescoes, but not all of them survived.  Afterward, we went to Jvari (Monastery). This legendary church that is located in the top rocky mountain at the confluence of Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. If you pay attention, this church has four apses, every direction has one apse, it is called tetraconch. You can find the same kind of design in The Basilica of San Lorenzo (Milan) and Mauselom of Galla Placidia (Ravenna). Our visit to Jvari Monastery was the end of our journey in 1st day, and then we returned to our hotel in Tbilisi.


Jvari Monastery

Jvari Monastery

The next day, we started a bit late. Well, blame it on the night, don’t blame it on me. We finished the entire bottle of chacha only in 1 dinner time, plus the wine, plus the beers I had in Bazileti Lake in the almost empty stomach. We leaved the hotel at 11am and started traveling again. Our planned route was Tbilisi – Uplistsikhe – Gori Georgia Castle (Gori Fortress) – Samtavisi Cathedral – Rike Park – Ride Gondola to say hi to Mother of Georgia – The Bridge of Peace – Tbilisi Airport.

I should say Uplistsikhe is my favorite place in Georgia. If you love Petra in Jordan, you probably will love this site too. Uplistsikhe is an abandoned rock-hewn town. It used to be a very important political and religious centre in Georgian States from the 6th Century BC until 11th Century AD. After the Mongol Invasion, the site is virtually abandoned and only be used for temporary shelters occasionally. The fall of Uplistsikhe was started on 14th Century. Archaeologists found lot of artefacts from different periods. You can see them in National Museums of Tbilisi. The site was mostly destroyed due to the earthquake on 1920. It was rainy day when we visited, but it didn’t stop us to explore. In fact, the rain was beneficial for us because we got to see their watering system what through the site. You will notice several holes while you exploring. They are used for varieties functions, some holes were used for baking, some for wine cellars, some for ceiling, some for water supply, etc. Under the rain, we can imagine better how life was happening on those ages.

Don't forget to visit Site Number 15!

Don’t forget to visit Site Number 15!

Uplistsikhe from another side (No.15)

Uplistsikhe from another side (No.15)



After 27 minutes’ drive from Uplistsikhe we arrived in Gori Georgia Castle. In the beginning, we didn’t know how to get up the hills and reach the castle. There was not ticketing office, there was no entry nor exit sign. Desperately we asked random people who actually wanted to answer our question but challenged by the language barrier. But we finally just picked one little gate beside of the church, and we got lucky in our first approach. We were welcomed by big statue of 8 Georgian warrior who sat on the hew stone blocks. Then we walked up to the top of the Gori Fortress. On the top, we can see the view of Gori and the hills surround. In the bottom part of Gori Fortress there was a cobblestone walking path, it was pretty cute street with some restaurants, cute gift stores and little shops.

Gori Fortress View from the Parking Area

Gori Fortress View from the Parking Area

Georgian Warriors

Georgian Warriors

So then you can see how big are those warriors :p

So then you can see how big are those warriors :p

View from The Top of Gori Fortress

View from The Top of Gori Fortress

Rain started falling as soon as we were back to the bottom of the castle. We ran to the car and heading to Samtavisi Cathedral. It was only 20 minutes driving from Gori Fortress. According to Georgian tradition, the first monastery was found by Assyrian missionary in 572 and later on rebuilt on 10th Century. Therefore on 15th Century, the western  wall and the dome were built. Just like most of the heritage sites in Georgia, Samtavisi Cathedral was also partially destroyed by the earthquake on 1920.

After the very short visit, we continued our journey to Rike Park and spent almost the rest of the trip there. We started by going around the small cobblestone road what full of hotels, restaurants and shops. We later discovered that is better to book hotel around this area, we found that there are some better hotels than Victoria VIP Hotel what have cheaper prices here (LOL, guess the hotel we chose was a complete mistake, but what to do, I mean it happened already). Then we took gondola to reach the upper hills to visit Mother of Georgia and have small walk up there. Later on, we had food and drink in one of the restaurant around the park and watch some fireworks. After that we walk through the bridge and walked back to our car and heading to the airport.

Sunset in Rike Park

Sunset in Rike Park

Old Tbilisi from the above

Old Tbilisi from the above

Mother of Georgia

Mother of Georgia

On the Bridge of Peace

On the Bridge of Peace

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Let’s Make The Journey Begin!!

This is my first article under the new category that I have just made today.

Under this category I will write about my journey to countries that give accessibility to the owner of Indonesia Passport to visit.

I have sorted the list of Countries with visa requirement from this link : into the excel format what will give me an accessibility to see the requirement (visa on arrival, online visa, and no visa required) and the Region. Below is last appearance of the list :

Countries that Indonesian Passport Holder can visit with VOA, No Visa and Online Visa

I also make videos for this project. As the total of the countries are 70, so this project will have 70 episodes as well. I am so excited to share it with you guys, I hope it will bring any good for you all. Let’s Make The Journey Begin!!

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When you see the title, maybe you will think that I am going to talk about something with “puppet” as a metaphor. If you think that way, I am sorry that I have to tell you that you are wrong. What I am going to write here is real puppet. Yes, a puppetry, the special kind of art what involving puppet in it. I want you to know how it can unite the world and how it make our differences – even language, are not a problem at all.

Dialog is not always necessary in puppetry. I experienced it in event of World Puppet Carnival 2013 what was held in Jakarta on September 1st until September 8th, 2013. Especially September 3rd, 2013. I decided to sacrifice my lunch time to watch the show from Argentina. The show what was brought by 3 silly Argentina guys, Damien, Danielo, and Ulises. It was really funny show, my stomach was hurt because I was too much laughing. In the evening, there was a beautiful dancing and music show from Serbia which involve a love story, no dialog just the moves of puppets and it is very nice. The Georgian brought a shadow puppet what was done only by their hands, it told a story about the journey of Bear. It was brilliant show, again no dialog, but it brought my feelings fly to the sky, sometimes laugh sometimes tears. The other one what was great was the show from Indonesia what brought by Papermoon Puppet Theatre Yogyakarta. On the contrary of Georgian show what was involved small stage and wonderful job of hands, this show was involved the entire stage of Usmar Ismail Hall. Wonderful job, the lighting, sounding, thoughtful motion of the puppeteers. They were so brilliant. My face was full of tears at the end of the show. After that there were Indian Stomach Puppet Dance Show, Kite Puppet Show what brought a story about Earth, and some other shows that unfortunately I can’t mention one by one. Yes, puppetry works in it beautiful way to speak to the audience without words.

That miracle was not only happening on the stage, but also under the stage. It had also happened when there is no show. When all the puppeteers from 60 countries hanging out. Out of the show time. Although some of them have visited many countries to do the show, doesn’t mean that all of them can speak in English. But somehow, we are still having fun together. I remember most of the puppeteers of Budrugana Gagra from Georgia can’t really speak in English. Some puppeteers from Argentina, Spain, Romania, and some other countries also can’t really speak in English. It didn’t challenge us to gathering every night to sing, chit chat and did some games. We had google translator that mostly help us in communication. Very fun..

Rod Petrovic is the Executive Director of World Puppet Carnival. He made this unique Carnival and succeeded to involve many countries. On 2013, around 60 countries were joined, then 2014 the participants were raised to be around 80 countries. According to their slogan, Support Puppet Arts! It’s Good for Humanity was true. It brought the people from many many countries, and yes there were some nominations, trophy and prizes involved, but as per my experience, I had never felt any competitive spirit between one and each other participants during the carnival. All the participants were trying to be supportive to each other, share spirits and knowledges. I remember Sue, the participant from Australia had a nice deep conversation with me about how people sometimes underestimating our dream and how we won’t let those people despair ourself on our last night gathering before everybody separated in the next day. I remember some participants were sharing their trick in doing their puppet tricks.

During World Puppet Carnival, I have learned so much about how this small thing – Puppet, has so much power to unite the people. And it made me realized that actually, we are – the human, basically like to be in peace, to be in the embrace of nice family, sharing, and supporting each other. Without taking care about race, skin color, social status, religion, politic, and other things that possibly break us apart. And the puppet arts is the small but prestigious excuse to make it come true. If we can learn from puppeteers to find more excuse to unite than to be in fight, this world will be better place where war is really not necessary. I believe.

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Aku Pembunuh – A Story of Plastic Bag Journey

(English description is below)

Video yang kami buat disini adalah suatu gambaran betapa bodohnya kita bila kita terus melanjutkan kebiasaan kita untuk menggunakan kantong plastik secara berlebihan dan membuang sampah secara sembarangan.

Fakta bahwa sebenarnya kantong plastik dapat membunuh ekosistem secara perlahan kami lihat langsung saat kami mengunjungi Suaka Margasatwa Muara Angke. Kemerosotan jumlah populasi hewan pendatang dan terutama endemik semakin terlihat. Selain karena berkurangnya habitat mereka, yang disebabkan oleh terlalu banyak nya pembangunan di sekitar wilayah Suaka Margasatwa Muara Angke. Hal ini juga karena terlalu beracunnya lingkungan mereka, akibat dari limbah yang dilimpahkan masyarakat melalui sungai-sungai / kali-kali dan jalanan, terutama limbah kantong plastik. Fauna yang berada di tempat tersebut tidak tahu bahwa memakan sampah dapat membunuh mereka. Jadi kita yang punya pikiran dan punya perasaan seharusnya tidak membiarkan mereka memakan racun, bukan?

Kami harap video ini dapat menyadarkan penontonnya, bahwa kita MASIH bagian dari rantai makanan. Jadi kalau kita tetap ingin bisa punya makanan, ya jangan racuni rantai makanan kita.

Bila sampah yang jahat bisa bicara sebagai seorang pembunuh, maka apa yang ada di video adalah hal-hal yang akan dikatakannya..

Bila kita secara sukarela ingin dibunuh, silahkan lakukan apa yang disarankan sampah kantong plastik di akhir film ini.

We don’t need luck, we need care..


This video is the capture of how stupid are we if we keep continue our habit to overuse the plastic bag and throw garbage anywhere.

The fact that plastic bag can kill ecosystem slowly had seen by us directly when we visited the Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve. The decline of reserved wildlife in that area, either the “guest” animal and the origin animals are extremely showed. This thing is caused by their environment what become more dangerous for them due to the toxic what brought by the waste what deliberately thrown by people to the rivers and streets, especially plastic bag waste. Those animals didn’t realize that eating those waste can kill them. So we are, as the human who have more knowledge compared by them have the responsibility to not letting them consume toxic waste all them time.

We hope this video can wake the people who watch this video, that we are STILL the part of food chain. Hence, if we still want to have something to eat, we better become more considerate in treating our waste. Don’t poison our own food chain.

If the evil waste can talk as a killer, this video is showing what will they say.

If we are voluntary want to be killed,  so please do whatever the evil waste suggest you to do in this video.

Remeber, we don’t need luck, we need care..

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Kucing Jantan (Bab 1 – Lahir untuk Kehilangan)

Aku lahir, tepat di bawah dubur ibu. Seketika ada kekuatan yang membaur dengan semangat untuk berdiri. Tapi kakiku masih lemah, aku susah berdiri. Kurasakan kakiku gemeteran. Mh.. tampaknya memang mustahil aku menggerakan organku ini cepat-cepat.

Akhirnya aku alihkan ke daerah lain. Mataku, ya aku coba untuk membuka mataku. Memang sulit, tapi setidaknya lebih berhasil daripada saat aku mencoba bangun dengan kedua kaki. Tak lama, meski tetap dengan perjuangan, aku tetap dapat melihat. Buram, semua tampak seperti klise foto, tak jelas warnanya, tak begitu jelas rupanya. Semua tampak asing, terselip pikiran untuk kembali ke tempat sebelumnya.

Tempat yang sangat hangat dan berlimpah makanan. Kurang lebih dua bulan aku berada di tempat itu, aku benar-benar sungguh menikmatinya. Tapi sekarang situasinya lain, aku bahkan harus melakukan sebuah usaha yang bisa dibilang keras untuk pendatang baru sepertiku.

Kemudian aku belalakan mata, hingga semua terlihat agak lebih jelas. Pyas!! Cahaya matahari langsung memaksaku untuk menutup mata lagi. Tidak, aku tidak sanggup. Cahaya itu terlalu kuat, sangat kuat. Tampaknya, kapan-kapan saja aku latihan melihat lagi, tidak hari ini.

Ku coba bagian lain. Hidung, ya hidung, tidak terlalu sulit untuk menyium aroma di sekelilingku. Tidak perlu perjuangan yang terlalu berarti. Mfh…aroma-aroma ini aku anggap sebagai upacara penyambutan kedatanganku.

Saat aku sibuk mengendus, aku sadar ada aroma yang sangat dominan di tempat aku berbaring. Bau siapa ini? Kenapa saat aku mengendusinya aku merasakan perasaan sangat sayang pada pribadi yang mempunyai aroma ini.

Baru sebentar aku berjuang lagi untuk mengenali aroma ini, tiba-tiba ada benda empuk dan basah menyentuh dari ujung hidung sampai ujung ekorku. Saat benda empuk dan basah itu menuju ke arahku, dan saat benda itu menyentuh tubuhku, aku begitu sumringah. Kurasakan kehangatan dan ketulusan yang teramat dalam. Aku suka, aku suka..!

Perhatianku sudah tidak terlalu terfokus pada aroma dominant itu. Karena aku suka benda empuk yang basah itu. Aku endusi aromanya, m.. kenapa sepertinya aku sering sekali menyiumnya ya? Ah iya, rupanya inilah aroma dominant yang ada di sekelilingku. Di sandaran tidurku, di pangkal hidungku, di kakiku, bahkan sampai ekorku bagian ujung, benar-benar ujung. Tapi tetap saja aku masih belum bisa menjawab, aroma siapa ini..

Tiba-tiba ada suara berkata, Meoong.. (yang artinya : kau sudah lahir anakku..). AH! Aku terhentak, kaget. Suara ini sangat aku kenal. Bahkan lebih ku kenal dari aroma dominant tadi. Aku tidak perlu berpikir untuk mengetahui suara siapa itu. Karena itu sudah pasti suara ibuku. Aku sering mendengarnya saat masih berada di dalam ruang hangat yang nyaman itu.

Anehnya lagi, ucapan ramah itu keluar dari mulut yang berbau aroma dominant yang aku cium tadi. Kalau begitu, aroma dominant itu milik ibu. Akhirnya misteri aroma itu terpecahkan. Dan aku begitu bersyukur, karena pemillik aroma itu adalah ibuku sendiri.

Kemudian ada kekuatan yang lembut mendorongku ke tempat yang lebih hangat, selangkangan ibu. Di situ aku punya naluri untuk mendekati sebuah puting milik ibu. Meraihnya dan menghisap sari di dalamnya. Saat aku sedang menghisap, benda empuk dan basah yang belakangan aku tahu itu adalah lidah ibu terus membelai diriku. Terus membelai sampai sisa-sisa darah dari ari-ari tidak ada lagi di tubuhku.

Aku pun terus bertambah besar. Tanpa kehadiran seorang ayah, aku bertumbuh. Aku belajar segala hal yang harus diketahui seekor kucing. Mulai dari pencarian makanan dan musim kawin. Ibu menjelaskan itu semua kepadaku. Tidak hanya penjelasan teori, tapi juga diikuti dengan praktek.

Proses itu hanya dilakukan berdua saja, hanya aku dan ibu, tidak ada yang lain. Karena saudara kandungku langsung tidak bernafas sesaat setelah dia dilahirkan.

Suatu hari aku dan ibu sedang menuju ke sebuah pohon. Aku dan ibuku berniat untuk berlatih memanjat hari ini. Karena pohon tempat latihan memanjat yang paling cocok berada di seberang kota, kami harus menyeberang. Menyeberang aliran deras mobil yang lalu lalang.

Melihatnya saja aku sudah langsung bergidik. Tidak terbayangkan olehku, bila aku tertabrak salah satu kendaraan itu. Pasti akan sangat sakit sekali. Aku terus terpaku, tak berani melangkah.

Ibu yang melihatku menjadi seorang pengecut, langsung menegurku. Dia menyuruhku untuk segera menyeberang. Dengan tegas ia meyakinkan aku bahwa tidak akan terjadi apa-apa. Bahwa aku hanya perlu yakin pada diriku sendiri, tidak perlu takut. Aliran deras itu tidak jauh, hanya butuh beberapa langkah saja dan aku akan sampai pada pinggir satunya. Hanya butuh sedikit waktu saja sampai aku selesai menyeberang. Tapi tetap saja, untuk anak kucing berumur 2 minggu sepertiku, aliran deras itu sangat menakutkan. Aku tetap terdiam dan tidak bergerak. Ibu marah, kemudian ia mendorongku. Dalam sekejap aku sudah berada di tengah-tengah aliran itu.

Aku kaget, aku bingung, aku terhentak. Saat aku berada di tengah ternyata keadaannya lebih menakutkan. Suara-suara klakson itu memperkeruh suasana. Sambil terus ketakutan, aku juga marah pada ibu. Kenapa dia tega melakukan ini padaku? Aku kan masih kecil. Apa dia bermaksud membunuhku? Apa dia tidak menginginkan dan menyayangi aku lagi? Tapi kenapa? Apa salahku? Ibu jahat! Ibu jahat! Pertanyaan jahat demi pertanyaan jahat dan umpatan keluar dari hatiku.

Aku tidak punya pilihan selain terus menyeberang, aku ingin segera keluar dari keadaan terjepit ini. Aku berlari, tidak terus berlari lurus, tidak terus berlari. Namun sesekali aku berhenti, berbelok, untuk menghindari kendaraan-kendaraan itu. Tidak aku sadari, aku sudah berada di pinggir satunya. Pinggir satunya! Itu artinya aku lolos dari maut! Aku bisa menyeberang! Aku berhasil! Tidak bisa menahan rasa senangku, aku terus berteriak sambil melihat ibu yang masih di pinggir satunya. Ia melihatku bangga sambil tersenyum. Senyumnya manis, senyum terindah di dunia ini. Meoooooooong…..! seruku.

Kemudian ibu segera menyusulku. Ia mulai menyeberang. Tapi berbeda denganku, tidak kulihat ekspresi terguncang di wajahnya. Tenang dan tetap melihat ke depan, sambil sesekali memandang kanan-kiri untuk menentukan langkah. Tampaknya sudah sering sekali ibu melakukan ini. Menyeberangi aliran deras ini.

Aku terus memandang ibu dan entah kenapa terasa lama sekali ibu sampai di tempatku berdiri. Lalu aku melihat lampu di perempatan jalan berubah warna, sepertinya warna merah. Hingga jalan itu tidak lagi penuh dengan aliran deras kendaraan, bahkan jalan itu jadi kosong. Tapi aneh, aku tidak bisa melihat ibuku yang tadinya berjalan lurus, berada tepat di depan pandanganku. Betapa terkejutnya aku saat melihat ibu sudah ada di lain tempat. Masih di jalan itu, tapi tidak di depan pandanganku lagi. Ia lebih ke kanan, tergeletak, dan ada cairan berwarna sama dengan lampu di perempatan jalan. Apa, apa yang terjadi pada ibuku?!! Tanpa pikir panjang aku langsung pergi ke tempat ibu.

Aku melihat ibu. Tapi ibu yang lain, ibu yang ini begitu lemah. Tidak ada optimisme yang aku lihat sebelumnya di matanya. Meskipun lain, aku yakin ini adalah ibuku. Aromanya sama, meski sedikit lebih amis.

Aku melihatnya diangkat oleh sebuah tangan manusia, menuju pinggir jalan. Aku mengikuti dia, aku ingin dia segera menurunkannya. Aku harus memastikan ada apa dengan ibuku. Hai manusia turunkan dia, ini sudah di pinggir jalan! Turunkan dia, cepat!! Manusia itu tidak mendengarku. Bahkan ia tidak peduli aku sudah menangis tersedu-sedu.. Aku juga bisa menangis, aku ingin ibuku! Turunkan dia, mau kau bawa kemana dia!! Hai Manusia!!

Dia tetap tidak mendengarku. Aku melihatnya, ibu memandangku dengan melas. Namun masih tetap ingin tersenyum. Ibuku, ibu yang cantik. Tapi, apa yang ingin dilakukan manusia ini? Tidak sadarkah dia, aku ini anaknya, aku ingin melihat ibuku. Hai Manusia, turunkan ibuku, aku mohon!! Namun sebaliknya, bukannya memberikan ibu kepadaku, manusia itu malah memasukan ibu ke kantong plastik hitam. Hai..apa yang kau lakukan?! Kemudian ia melempar kantong plastik itu ke selokan.

Aku pun langsung ikut melompat ke dalam selokan. Segera aku buka kantong plastik itu dengan susah payah. Berharap ibu masih tetap hidup saat aku buka plastik itu. Agar aku masih bisa melihat kedipan matanya untuk terakhir kali. Senyum terindahnya, dan semangatnya. Akhirnya plastik itu terbuka. Aku tarik lagi hingga ibu bisa terlihat seluruhnya.

Ibu masih sempat tersenyum padaku. Masih sempat mengedipkan matanya untukku. Kemudian aku mendekatkan kepalaku ke mulutnya, dan ia menjilat kepalaku. Terus menjilatiku, sampai aku tidak bisa mendengar dan mengendus nafas ibu lagi. Aku mengangkat kepalaku, dan melihat ibu dengan cermat.

Ekornya yang sudah tidak utuh, bulu-bulunya yang sebagian besar sudah berubah warna menjadi merah, perutnya yang terbuka dengan usus terburai, kakinya patah, dan salah satu kakinya penyet. Ibu masih tetap terlihat cantik. Ibu terkuat sepanjang zaman.

Aku terus berharap ini hanya mimpi, tidak sungguhan. Aku berharap esok hari aku masih bisa berlatih memanjat pohon lagi bersama ibu. Mungkin, saat ini aku perlu memejamkan mataku sebentar, dan besok aku akan mendapati puting susu ibu ada di hadapanku. Hingga aku bisa mengengguk sarinya.

Aku terbangun setelah tertidur semalaman. Pagi yang cerah, pikirku. Mataharinya begitu terik. Tapi kenapa ibu belum juga menjilatiku. Dengan berat aku buka mataku. Tak diragukan lagi, aku kaget dengan apa yang aku lihat. Bangkai ibu, hah! rupanya ini bukan mimpi. Ibu memang benar-benar sudah tidak hidup lagi. Aroma ibu sudah lenyap, bersamaan dengan senyum dan semangatnya.

Sekarang aku adalah seekor anak kucing berumur dua minggu yang sebatangkara. Tidak, aku tidak mau sendiri. Ibu..aku masih berharap kau dapat hidup kembali.

Aku terus terpuruk. Tak peduli dengan perutku yang berteriak-teriak minta makan. Ibu adalah personifikasi hidupku. Tak ada ibu berarti tidak ada aku. Bagaimana mungkin aku harus menjalani hidup sendiri. Aku akan tetap disini, karena aku tidak mau melanjutkan hidupku lagi! Harapanku lenyap, semangatku hilang.

Memasuki malam ketiga yang kosong aku bermimpi. Aku melihat ibu. Tapi dia tidak mau melihatku. Aku kejar dia, tapi dia lari. Aku panggil dia, dia tidak mau menoleh. Sekalipun menoleh, ia tidak tersenyum padaku, malah menunjukan wajah benci padaku. Aku berteriak, merengek, memohon ia tidak menjauh. Namun semakin aku berteriak, merengek, dan memohon, ia malah semakin menunjukan mimic kebenciannya kepadaku. Aku tidak mau melihat wajah itu lagi, aku muak! Aku benci ibu yang seperti itu. Aku tahu ini mimpi, ini tidak penting untukku. Kali ini aku harus benar-benar bangun.

Di malam kosong ini, aku terbangun. Bukan di saat yang tepat, karena saat ini sudah tengah malam. Aku langsung melihat bangkai ibu yang sudah dikelilingi lalat. Aku terus memandanginya, dan tidak lama kemudian aku pergi. Pergi meninggalkan ibu yang sudah tak bernyawa.

Ibu Si Kucing Jantan yang sudah Tak Bernyawa

Ibu Si Kucing Jantan yang sudah Tak Bernyawa

Aku tertunduk seraya terus berjalan. Semua indraku menjadi pasif. Semuanya jadi kosong. Bahkan aku tidak bisa meraung, meski sebenarnya aku ingin. Pikiranku terus tertuju pada mimpi barusan.

Karena mimpi itu, aku jadi merasa bodoh dengan diriku akhir-akhir ini. Untuk apa aku merengek? Untuk apa aku berteriak dan memohon ibu bangun lagi? Bukankah itu adalah hal yang tidak mungkin? Kenapa aku harus menjadi seterpuruk ini? Kenapa aku menjadi tersudut oleh diriku sendiri? Kenapa aku harus mendalami kemalangan ini? Bukankah ini sama sekali tidak penting? Lagipula nanti saat usiaku sudah 30 hari, ibu pasti akan meninggalkan aku. Lagipula sebelum mempunyai aku, ibu juga sendiri. Tapi lihat ibu, senyumnya indah, semangatnya membara. Kepribadiannya tetap cantik meski hidupnya sendirian.

Kenapa aku yang dilahirkan sebagai kucing jantan, jadi lebih cengeng dari ibuku yang hanya seekor kucing betina? Bukankah seharusnya aku bisa lebih kuat daripada ibu? Hah, aku begitu bodoh! Mulai saat ini, aku ya aku. Aku tidak perlu terlalu sedih. Masih banyak hal yang belum aku pelajari. Masih banyak hal yang belum aku lakukan.

Aku, aku akan menjadi kucing jantan yang seharusnya.


– To be Continued –


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Too young, too dumb to realize
That you should’ve bought me flowers
And held my hand
Should’ve gave me all your hours
When you had the chance
Take me to every party
‘Cause all I wanted to do was dance
Now I am probably dancing
But will have dance with another man

Your pride, your ego, your needs, and your selfish ways
Caused a good strong woman like me to walk out your life
Now you never, never get to clean up the mess you made, ohh…
And it haunts you every time I close your eyes

It all just sounds like oooooh…
Mmm, too young, too dumb to realize
That you should’ve bought me flowers
And held my hand
Should’ve gave me all your hours
When you had the chance
Take me to every party
‘Cause all I wanted to do was dance
Now I am probably dancing
But will have dance with another man

Although it hurts
You’ll be the first to say that you were wrong
Oh, you know you’re probably much too late
To try and apologize for your mistakes
But you just want me to know

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Visit Tidung Island Again

I was missing sea a lot, but I didn’t have much money in my pocket. It was the end of the month, I had only IDR 200,000. Then suddenly, on Thursday morning, September 26th, 2013,  I got the broadcast message in my BBM what promoted the opened trip to Tidung Island from September 28th – 29th, 2013 with cost IDR 200,000. I read only the price and the destination, but I didn’t read what are included in the price. I was happy but I can’t pay IDR 200,000, because I can’t use my entire money only for traveling package. I was obliged to think about how can I get Muara Angke Harbor, so I had to leave some money in my pocket, at least IDR 50,000. After some negotiation, finally the cost became IDR 100,000 only, consider I have ever helped the same travel agent to get customers, he gave me the uncommon price.

Short story, I leaved my home in Bojong gede at 4am on September 28th, 2013, since everyone were expected to be in the harbor at 6am. I went by train from Bojonggede Station to Jakarta Kota Station, the cost was IDR 5,000. The train came at 4:30am and reached Kota Tua at 5:40am. Train was quiet, it enabled me to continue my sleep. I slept until another passenger woke me up. From Kota Station I continued the trip by ojek (the motorcycle rental included the rider) with cost IDR 25,000.

I arrived at Muara Angke exactly at 6am. The meeting point was the same with the meeting point for Pari Island Trip – Gas Station Muara Angke. I was waiting for 30 minutes until I was surprised by my old friends – Dwi who I didn’t meet for a long time since she got married. She yelled my name when I was about to leave the harbor and get into the wood boat. Unexpectedly, she and hers husband who is also my friend – Mamet, were in the traveling with their family in the same travel agent what I used that time. After short greeting we went to the boat. We were separated in the boat because they prefer to be in lower deck to avoid the sun and my self, due to I love to feel the wind and sun so I went to the top of the boat.

On the boat I met 2 guys who were in event of reunion of the alumni of Senior High School 64. It leads us to a nice conversation, and off course mostly I was the person who talked a lot. Hehehe. After some time, we all overslept like as other people. The sun was still not too hot, hence it is comfortable, even better – it gave me a warm feeling.



People on the Boat

People on the Boat

Boni (from SMA 64)& Galih (still 3rd Grade of Junior High School)

Red Shirt : Boni (from SMA 64)& Green Shirt : Jala (still 3rd Grade of Junior High School)

Short story I arrived in Tidung Island. I guess I was the last person who got off the boat. I couldn’t stand to see the garbage what people leaved just like that on the boat. Because there was a big possibility that those garbage will fall to the sea, and that won’t be good. I collected them as many as possible and brought them down until I found a trash bin. After I threw them into the trash bin, I was called by the other guide, his name is Rony. I met 2 girls who were my roommate during the trip. They were sisters – Elena and Susan. After short greeting we continued to go to our homestay.

On the way to our homestay, I discovered that the package was not included snorkeling or the boat to go to the snorkeling spot, it was only for homestay, 3 times food (lunch, dinner, breakfast) and barbecue. I was directly feeling down, because the biggest reason I want to go to the Island was to go snorkeling and free diving. But my mind think fast. I approached Mamet and Dwi to let me join their boat, because I heard that he took the complete package. They welcomed me so gladly as long as I told them how to go snorkeling.

Me and the girls (my roommate) finally decided to rent a bicycle to enable us go around the island (cost of renting bike per day was IDR 20,000). So far I spent IDR 55,000 out of the travel agent package.

We arrived at our home stay at 11am. When we reached homestay, we were welcome with a very nice homemade dishes with coconut water. Nice.. After some talks and ate our lunch, we went to the beach, took some pictures and leaved the beach at 12:30 to continue others activity which were snorkeling and banana boat. On the boat I was bit surprised, because the snorkeling tools what the travel agent provide was exclude the fin. It was not a big problem for me, since I brought my own snorkeling tools from home, but it will be difficult for the beginner. Well, I guess..

Susan, Lena, Gita - Roomates

Susan, Lena, Gita – Roomates

With Dwi

With Dwi

With Dwi's Niece - Fenny

With Dwi’s Niece – Fenny

It was a very first experience for Mamet and family to go snorkeling, hence it was not so optimal exploring for them. I was also not really optimal exploring due to I was bit busy motivating them to jump into the sea. Finally I brought Dwi on my arm to let her saw a little bit more the beauty of sea creatures. And she told me that she was excited. For me, that snorkeling experience was enough satisfying. Because honestly I didn’t expect I will see something beside some small fishes and broken corals. But I was bit surprised when I found 2 pipe fishes, puffer fish, some nice hard and little soft corals, bat fishes, clown fish and some other fishes what I can’t describe.

On the boat, ready for snorkeling

On the boat, ready for snorkeling




After snorkeling, we went banana boating. According to request of Dwi’s family, the speed boat rider didn’t do the thing what supposed to happen while banana boating – drive us to fall. We did a “super safety” banana boat. Hehehe.. But it was alright, I didn’t expect I would enjoy banana boat though. It was a big bonus for me. Hehehe.

Banana Boating was the last activity what involve sea and boat that day ^_^. We went back home around 4pm. LOL, so short? Yah… It is!! I was about to complaint but what to do, hehehe I got those activities for free though. So it was more than good for me.

At night at 8pm, we had a barbecue in front of our home stay. There were grill sausage and some grill fishes. The sambal was very good. I was always impressed with the food in Pulau Seribu, either in Pari, Pramuka and here – Tidung. After barbecuing, the girls (my roommate) and the families (Dwi, Mamet and family) directly went to the room. I was like,. WHAT? IT IS STILL 9PM. So I decided to do other activities my self.  I went to sleep at midnight.

yummy barbecue

yummy barbecue

Sunset View

In the morning, me, the girls and Ronny woke up early to get the sunrise, around 5:30am. We didn’t wait for the families because the guide of them was different. We went to Jembatan Cinta (Bridge of Love). This bridge is connecting Tidung Island and Tidung Kecil Island. Three of us planned to walk through the bridge together in the beginning, but finally The Girls stopped in the middle and decided to just stay there and wait for me exploring. But at the end, they didn’t even wait for me. They called me and said that they wanted to go back to the homestay earlier. LOL.. It was alright for me. I can explore some other options when I am alone, my thought that morning. And I did.

Shy Sunrise from Tidung Kecil

Shy Sunrise from Tidung Kecil

@jembatan cinta

@jembatan cinta

In Tidung Kecil I got stomachache and wanted to poo :p. I didn’t see any toilet but I don’t want to go back to Tidung  Island. So finally I went to the bungalow on top of the sea. I greeted some woman there and requested a permission to use their toilet. Hehehehe. Problem solved. After release my weight, I made an interesting conversation with the people from Bungalow. It lead me to discover that they were from Indonesia Army who made a gathering event in this island. Hahaha.. Around 1 hour I was with them but and share our phone numbers with 2 of them (Bertha and Ganesh). They requested me to involve them if I want to do a journey again.

I leaved the Tidung Kecil Island around 7:00am and I was intend to go back to my home stay. But on the way I met again the guys I met on the boat (Boni and Jala), this time with more friends of him. This meeting was ended by jumping jumping moments from the bridge. It was so exciting.. I loved it. I met a very interesting new friends during that moment, unfortunately I didn’t save the number of all of them. If you read my article, I want to let you know that it was a very big pleasure to have fun with you guys!!

After Jumping Jumping with Boni and Jala

After Jumping Jumping with Boni and Jala

I didn’t do anything else more excited after that. Only drunk a coconut and prepared my self to go back to Jakarta.

When we reached Muara Angke, me and the girls decided to use taxi and shared the cost to go to the Train Station. I paid like IDR 15,000. And it continued by train : IDR 5,000, and public transport (D05) from Bojonggede to Gang Pesantren ( my home) : IDR 2,500.

Totally my spent was : package : IDR 100,000. Train return : IDR 10,000. D05 return : IDR 5,000. Ojek : IDR 15,000. Taxi : IDR 15,000. Bicycle : IDR 20,000

NICE? Yes it was. But this kind of thing not always happen though.

Alright guys.. That was my another story. See you at my next story.

NB : I am planning to have trip to Kiluan, Lampung November 14th – 17th, 2013 (leaved Jakarta to Lampung at November 14th, 2013 night). I will share the “possible” expense in 3 days. Whoever wants to join please send me email to We can share the budget to make the travel cheap 😉

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